High School training is designed for those athletes who want more. We will utilize Professional and Division 1 programming for High School athletes. Our comprehensive approach will develop speed, strength, vertical explosiveness, change of direction efficiency, mobility, injury prevention, and nutrition. 

High School Performance Training (ages 14-18)

Youth Performance Training (ages 8-13)

Youth training is focused on building a foundation for young athletes. We will run, jump, and compete while having fun. We will teach the fundamentals of sprinting, cutting, jumping, and landing. Science shows long term gains of incorporating multiple movements throughout adolescence. 

Acquire new skills and attributes that make you a target for college coaches. Become a smarter, faster, stronger, and more refined player. Compete against high level competition on a national stage. Our main objective is to have you playing at your best on Friday nights. All of the members of our coaching staff have collegiate and/or professional playing experience.


TNT Track and Field Academy stems around helping young men and women succeed on and off the track. Our goal is to provide the resources each student-athlete needs to succeed as a collegiate athlete. We want to educate our student-athletes through our experiences while guiding them through the recruiting process when the time comes. During our first summer, the Academy produced 36 personal best performances and 10 USATF All-Americans.


TNT will customize a training program to your exact needs. Coaches need us to work on specific team weaknesses? Your team will gain speed, strength, agility, sport specific skills, all while preventing injury.  In order to get started with Team Training all you need is six or more athletes.

Team Training

College Training

Stay at the peak of your game during Winter and Summer breaks. We will focus on speed, change of direction, conditioning, and strength while optimizing your movement. We will teach you new techniques and methods for recovery and maintenance to ensure you have a successful season and career.

TNT Fit (Adults)

TNT Fit focuses on the advancement of the body and mind through movement. We provide a positive workout environment by varying our daily routines for constant progression. Our training is designed for all levels regardless of age or experience. Whether you are a beginner or a competitive workout enthusiast, our variations are catered to your specifications.